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Deciding on Tree Removal


If you’re considering removing a tree in your yard, you definitely want to make sure it’s a decision you don’t regret. Trees can take a very long time to mature, and if you are removing a tree, it should be based on necessity. Here are a few factors to consider when making your choice.

Is the Tree Declining in Health?

It’s important to make your decision based on how much of the tree is actually damaged. A tree that is half damaged should most likely be removed. Declining trees may become hazardous if they are dying quickly. They may be prone to falling over during a storm and causing damage to property or people. Your arborist will be able to help you determine the exact health of your tree.

Is the Tree Diseased?

Any rot around the trunk or fungus growing near the base of the tree may mean the roots are diseased. This can have a large impact on the tree’s health. Any tree rot should be looked at by an arborist to determine its extremity.

Does the Tree Have a Bad History?

If a tree hasn’t been pruned properly in the past, this can actually cause bad growth or even disease later on. Trees may have also undergone stress in the past through weather or bad soil health. All this needs to be considered when deciding whether or not to remove a tree. 

Is It a Species Worth Keeping?

If you’ve just moved into a new home, you might be unsure of a tree’s species. Some trees are worth keeping more than others. Trees that you might want to remove could:

  • Be dropping large amounts of debris
  • Have roots that are damaging the lawn, footpaths or surrounding property
  • Be weak and prone to breakage 

Is the Tree in an Unsuitable Environment?

If the tree is in an unsuitable environment it may have a shallow root system. This can be unsafe and also inhibit its growth and health. An arborist would be able to run tests on the soil and make observations of the area to determine whether the tree can be ‘saved’ in this environment or if it’s better to remove the tree.

Find the Best Professional Arborist in West Auckland

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