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The Importance of Hazardous Tree Removal Services


If you’ve got a potentially hazardous tree in your yard, it’s important you have it removed professionally. If you decide to remove a tree yourself, you could be putting yourself, your home, and even neighbouring homes in danger! It’s not worth the risk, so make sure you invest in the right tree removal service. Here’s why it’s so important:

You May Knock Out Power Lines

If you’re removing a tall tree, there’s a chance you’ll knock out a power line. This could affect the power in the entire town and it may also result in you being electrocuted. Professionals are able to take proper precaution to avoid this from happening.

Professionals Understand Tree Decay

Tree decay often occurs from the inside of the tree out. This means that even if you think a tree is dying, you can’t be sure of exactly how much of the tree is dead wood. Trees that are decaying may crumble or fall without warning. A professional arborist will have enough knowledge to pinpoint the progression of decay and thus be able to have the tree safely removed.

It Can Be Difficult To Remove the Root System 

Removing the root system of a large tree requires a lot of skill. Once the tree has been removed, the remaining stump can cause the roots to regrow, which may then damage concrete and the pipes of your home or that of your neighbour. Tree removal services often provide stump and root removal to ensure your tree is gone for good. 

They Can Use Specialist Machinery 

If you have trees in tight spaces, leaning against a fence, or even just in an open space, it can be unsafe to chop it down without the appropriate equipment and machinery. Hazardous tree removal services may use cranes, cherry pickers and other specialist machinery to remove the tree safely. 

Removing Trees Can Be Risky Business 

Hazardous tree removal is risky business. You could be risking damage to your property, someone else’s property or yourself. Look for hazardous tree removal professional who:

  • Have industry experience
  • Specialise in many aspects of arboricultural work
  • Perform complete cleanups
  • Have comprehensive insurance

Find the Best Professional Arborist in West Auckland

If you’re looking for a professional arborist in West Auckland, get in touch with Heaven Contracting. We offer hazardous tree removal services and we have more than 25 years of experience getting the job done.

Implementing the latest techniques and thorough safety precautions, we will ensure your hazardous tree is completely removed. Call us on 027 475 2445 to organise a service or request a quote online. For local services, get in touch with your closest regional branch.

Tree Removal North Shore:           09 442 5350

Tree Removal Central Auckland: 09 629 2640 

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Tree Removal East Auckland:       09 577 4260

Tree Removal South Auckland:    09 268 7910

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