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Safety First – Tree Removal


Trees sustain the life of countless living things by producing oxygen, food and shelter. At Heaven Contracting, we value conservation so we encourage all clients to trim and prune their trees, avoiding unnecessary tree removal at all costs.

One exception to this rule is human safety – we will advise complete removal when the tree is diseased beyond recovery or is dangerously overhanging in public places and near powerlines. In this article, we’re looking at scenarios that call for complete tree removal.

When Are Trees a Risk?

Diseased Trees

 Trees can easily contract diseases from infestations of bacteria, fungi and insects. Where many can be treated back to health, others have decayed and rotted beyond repair. When the trunk and roots are damaged, water and nutrients cannot travel from the soil to the leaves, causing the tree to wilt or become unstable.

Overhanging Trees

Regardless of the tree’s condition, overhanging branches can be at risk of falling during a storm. Wherever possible, overhanging trees can be pruned or trimmed, but if the tree is unstable or shows visible movement in light wind, there is an increased possibility of injury or damage.

Trees near Properties and Powerlines

Trees can become a safety concern when they are positioned close to the base of a property, beside a road or near overhanging powerlines. More often than not, the entire tree will need to be removed for the safety of individuals and structures. Large trees with expansive root systems can jeopardise the stability of roads and require extensive removal projects by professionals.

Safety Risks to Structures and Individuals 

Public Safety Risks

No chances can be taken with the safety of an individual, meaning if we are not utterly sure that a tree has zero likelihood of falling, it will have to be removed. Again, wherever possible, we advise clients to utilise a tree trimming service and tree pruning service in Auckland rather than tree removal.

Risk to Structures (Homes, Offices, Roads and Underground Pipes)

Secondary to human safety is the safety of structures, referring to the minimisation of damage to properties, roads and underground structures which can, in turn, create dangerous scenarios for the public. When trees are poorly positioned near roads or property foundations, it can result in the instability of a large area that becomes susceptible to cracking or collapsing – this is especially dangerous in the case of a storm or earthquake.

Don’t risk your safety, the safety of others or your property. Call us now if you suspect a tree in your area could be hazardous. We’re contactable on 027 475 2445 or by visiting our website. Make us your choice of arborist in Auckland.

Read more about the Importance of Hazardous Tree Removal here.


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