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The Dangers and Safety Risks of Trees


Trees support the life of humans and animals by providing oxygen, food and shelter; however, they can unknowingly pose safety concerns to you and your property. Poorly placed trees create a risk of falling on properties, cars and individuals and become electrocution hazards when they overhang in proximity to powerlines.

Surprisingly, trees don’t have to look unhealthy to be a risk – it may the type of tree or its underground structure that causes damage without you knowing. We have listed some dangers and prevention strategies to avoid putting your family, property or the public at risk.

Falling Branches

Falling Branches aren’t always unpredictable; except in the case of storms, dead and unstable trees are the culprit for the majority of fallen branches in Auckland. Luckily, there are preventative measures that are quick and effortless when you enlist the help of professional arborists.


Identify dead or unstable trees and branches early to decrease the risk of breakages and falls. If you suspect a tree that could pose a threat, the best prevention strategy is to call a professional to assess the situation and identify any hazards.

Another great prevention strategy is organising a regular tree pruning and tree trimming service to keep the branches contained and avoid a potential accident. In some cases, the best action is complete tree removal.

Falling Leaves

Apart from being annoying and creating extra mess and gardening work, falling leaves also pose an inconspicuous hazard – when falling leaves bundle in gutters and drains, they pose a risk to your roof structures when combined with heavy rain.


There is a simple and easy prevention strategy to reduce or stop leaves banking up in your gutters. All you need is to organise a regular tree trimming and pruning service by a professional Auckland arborist.

Root Damage to Structures

Unfortunately, the damage caused by large trees and their roots often goes unnoticed until expensive problems appear. Underground tree roots may only reveal themselves when they cause cracking in roads and footpaths. When roots grow close to the base of homes and buildings, they endanger the structure’s stability by softening the soil and allowing water to enter.


Early identification is vital, if you notice large trees with protruding roots close to your home, footpath or driveway, you should organise an assessment from a certified tree arborist. At Heaven Contracting, we will assess the trees on your residential, commercial or industrial property and discuss your options. We can help you find out if you would benefit from a tree removal.

Don’t wait for damage to appear, if you suspect your trees, shrubs or plants may be potential risks, call Heaven Contracting on 027 475 2445 or visit our website today!


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