Tree Removal Auckland

Heaven Contracting are your instant solution for issue-free tree removal anywhere in Auckland. If you have a difficult tree affecting your property, drainage or causing other problems on site, call us any time for fast, efficient services.

Heaven Contracting offers a full range of tree removal services in Auckland. If you need to remove a tree, we can help with fast, efficient services and a full clean up after the removal. Unstable or high-risk trees can do serious damage to buildings and property. A tree removal may be essential for several common reasons:

  • A tree poses a risk to buildings or other property
  • Tree roots are damaging foundations, plumbing, or infrastructure
  • A tree has begun to “lean”, meaning its roots are unstable and it may fall
  • Heavy rain has destabilised the soil, making large trees vulnerable to falling


Tree lopping is frequently required for a range of practical reasons:

  • Overhanging branches may threaten buildings or property
  • Tree branches cause problems for neighbours
  • Overgrowth of trees may require lopping to make the tree stable and reduce risks
  • Storm damage may make break tree branches, making them unsafe


For safe tree removals and lopping, only trust a professional with the right safety equipment. Proper safety precautions must be taken to protect property as well as people in the area.

Heaven Contracting conducts removal and tree lopping under strict best practice safety standards. We provide complete safeguards for property and people in affected locations.  We ensure that all debris is removed and that the area is fully cleaned after the service.


Call us for tree removal services wherever you are throughout Auckland.  Call us on the numbers listed below or 027 475 2445 for general enquiries. You can also contact us online to enquire about our services.

Ask Heaven Contracting for Any Tree Services You Need

When you need tree trimming services in Auckland, just call Heaven Contracting.  We can help with all types of tree problems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. You can call us on 09 442 5350 or contact us online using our online contact form.